Greenwood Engineering

Greenwood Engineering makes mobile measurement systems to determine the conditions in and under roadways and railway tracks. Using special vehicles, sonar measurements are taken underground over long distances to determine the condition of either the rails or asphalt.

For road analysis, a 13.5 metre custom made lorry with a specially designed box is used to scan the road through an open base, and to contain a lot of IT equipment that can process and analyse the data from the measurements, which takes place in real time when the lorry is driving on roads around the world.

In collaboration with Greeenwood Engineering and BP Trailer, Fibercon has developed a very unique vehicle that meets all the requirements for the operations to be performed from the trailer. Fibercon is responsible for the design and production of the box and this is then built on to a chassis supplied by BP Trailer. It is number 3 in the line of a series of measuring vehicles which will drive on motorways across Europe and the US, where they will analyse the roads.

Fibercon specialises in designing, constructing and building special boxes in lightweight designs which are to be placed on a chassis. There are no restrictions in the designs we make, provided they are road legal. In this specific case, a major part of the box had to be EMS shielded with an embedded mesh, so that there was no signal interference with the measuring equipment. Fibercon also solved this issue by making an embedded steel mesh in the vehicle’s sides under the insulating foam. The vehicle also consisted of a lot of engineering compartments, hatches, access routes and mounting points and reinforcements.

You can read more about BP trailer and Greenwood Engineering here:

“Our livelihood is based on supplying 100% customised products to the Danish transport industry, and this requires that we have suppliers that are able to execute the demands placed on us by our customers. One such supplier for us is Fibercon.”

Jens Erik PlatzProprietor of BP Trailer A/S