Customised Designs

Regardless of what design you need making within sandwich panels or whether you have other items you would like to glue together, we can do it. We have made everything from extremely large ventilation ducts measuring 110 metres in length, to glued veneer road plates, an automated parking facility, 30-metre long hatching and hen houses, as well as indoor spray booths for painting cars. There isn’t much we can’t make if it has to be vacuum glued, milled and assembled.

There are a lot of possibilities with sandwich panels that are gaining more and more ground today. Everything we make is lightweight, high strength, weather-resistant, insulating, maintenance-free and reasonably priced.

We can assist you all the way from idea to finished product, as we have the expertise in design, production and assembly in our own organisation which has many years of experience. We are happy to discuss ideas and see how we can help you and your business.