Fårup Beton

We make a variety of solutions in milled foam for the Danish cement industry. Our foam is used in a variety of constellations where casting work can be difficult to control. So we regularly make foam plugs for Fårup Beton that are used in their production.

Fibercon can make a series of foam solutions for many different kinds of casting. With our 5-axis milling machines, we can make precisely the forms that our customers want in connection with casting. When the cement has hardened, our foam is blown away or removed mechanically, so that only the concrete mould is left.

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“As an order-producing company, we must always be adaptable and solution-orientated, so that we can help customers meet their individual needs and requirements for a building’s construction.

In the project review process, it may be that the designers have different needs, for example, for some custom recesses, and these can sometimes deviate from our standard solutions in the precast concrete industry.

Fibercon has repeatedly helped Fårup Betonindustri A/S with custom jobs – major and minor – Fibercon is always solution-orientated and helpful when solving a challenge.”

Fårup Beton