Sandwich Panels

We produce sandwich panels in all shapes and sizes for different applications, customised exactly to the measurements you need.

The standard range is based on finished panels made of an XPS300 core (extruded polystyrene), onto which we glue the fibreglass reinforced laminate to the outside and the inside. It produces a robust panel that has many versatile applications.

Our standard thicknesses of the finished sandwich panels are 25/30/40/50 millimetres and the standard width and length is 2,200 mm. The maximum length is 13,500 mm. The fibreglass laminate that is put on the outside of our standard panels is a 1.1 mm Performance on the inside, and the outside is the more robust 1.5 mm High Gloss.

The sandwich panels can be made in the following maximum dimensions 13,500 mm in length and 3,250mm in width.

We always base our prices around standard goods, but if you need something customised, we are always willing to find the right solution for you as there are many options.