About Fibercon


The activities of Fibercon A/S go back to the 1960’s.

Since June 2016, Fibercon has been through a major clean-up and streamlining, where there has been a restructuring of processes, products, machinery and organisation. The backbone of the company – the experienced and dedicated employees in production – is still going strong in the existing framework in Faarup. So, Fibercon is a new company with lots of experience, where the combination of very experienced craftsmanship, innovation and creativity will benefit customers in the future.

Our strategy is clearly defined, and we have plans to make investments to help us become extremely competitive and top quality, and give us the ability to adjust to changing market needs.

Core values

We operate Fibercon based on values of safety, competence and value creation. We strive to be the best at what we do. We achieve this goal through our talented employees with a focus on our core competencies and automation.
Our company is undergoing rapid development, where we are making a dedicated effort to handle functions and create value – both for our customers externally and for our indispensable employees internally.