Carheal+ has developed a mobile spray booth for refinishing and related products.

Fibercon has been involved in the design phase, right from concept to finished design, where the product has also been readied for production and produced by Fibercon. It has been a case where all of Fibercon’s areas of expertise have been utilised. Our design engineers have worked with Carheal+ to create the best product. Then, it has been documented, manufactured, assembled and shipped from Fibercon directly to customers. We take care of the product from the very beginning until the finished product leaves our premises, which we are very proud to be involved with together with Carheal+.

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“HBC/Carheal has developed a unique, mobile spray booth that is being marketed globally. In the process of developing, readying for production and marketing the product, there has been close collaboration with Fibercon, who will continue to provide essential elements of the product and perform the assembly of all part deliveries in one package before being distributed worldwide.

Collaboration with Fibercon is characterised by agility, competent and constructive help, and a high degree of customer focus.”

Mads PrebensenCEO, Carheal